Our R&D team at SiBionics consists of multi- and interdisciplinary talents with solid research background and extensive industry experience. Our specialties range from IC design, MEMS, materials science, optical sciences, structure, and biochemistry, to image processing, machine learning, data science, clinical medicine, and public health, all of which are well integrated and complementary to each other.


In addition, we have been developing in-house talents in areas such as design and manufacturing, quality management, enterprise resource management, intellectual property, regulatory and legal affairs as well as marketing and sales as to ensure our success in every step of product lifecycle.


Cross-project talent sharing is also an integral part of SiBionics’ team development strategy so the valuable experience and insightful knowledge we learn from one project could inform our decision making in another. By doing so, our team members get exposed to and work on a project aside from their own while all projects benefit from their technical expertise and institutional knowledge. Personal and organizational growth are therefore accelerated through such mechanism.