As we develop a suite of innovative medical products, SiBionics has accumulated sizable enterprise and industrial resources, particularly in areas such as material procurement, processing and manufacturing, and industry collaboration.

We continue to be highly attuned to any relevant high quality resources so as to help advance the R&D and commercialization of our medical product innovation.


Material Procurement

Ample material resources are a cornerstone of product design and development. SiBionics collaborates with the very best suppliers in China and beyond to custom make medical-grade materials that meets our product standards and configurations.


Processing and Manufacturing

SiBionics has formed long-term partnership with domestic and foreign ultra-precision manufacturers to customize micro metal structural parts. SiBionics also partners with top purveyors in MEMS processing, organic synthesis, optical design and processing, electronic integration and feedthrough ceramic production, to tailor-make non-standard product parts and to prepare our innovative medical devices for mass production.


Industry Collaboration

Building on our experience in medical device innovation, SiBionics has collaborated with a number of leading medical centers in China for pilot programs and clinical evaluation, partnered with Joinn Laboratories to conduct animal testing research, and worked with top-tier quality testing centers to develop product testing standards. These efforts demonstrate our commitment to providing effective verification and validation tools to safeguard our product innovation.