SiBionics is a MedTech startup specialized in the R&D and commercialization of active implantable medical devices and medical artificial intelligence. Our company is headquartered in Shenzhen with additional R&D center and offices located in Los Angeles, Beijing and Guangzhou.


Our project pipeline includes Retinal Prosthesis, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Gastric Cancer Screening, covering major aspects of healthcare, from health and chronic conditions management, to disease screening, diagnostics and treatment.


As our projects keep making progress, SiBionics continues to set up a holistic R&D incubation platform by strengthening our independent capabilities in design and manufacturing, quality management, enterprise resource management, regulatory and governmental affairs, and intellectual property.


We have been leveraging cutting edge technologies including brain-computer interface and visual coding, medical imaging artificial intelligence, medical big data and medical robots to search for better solutions to diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, diabetes mellitus and its complications, gastrointestinal cancers, and cardiovascular & cerebrovascular diseases.


SiBionics has established research and commercial partnership with numerous top medical centers in China and abroad while having received guidance and advices from world leading experts in medicine and engineering to refine our product and operation strategies.