Elevated Thinking, Grounded Practice


“Elevated thinking, grounded practice” is our motto and what we value the most at SiBionics. We draw our inspiration primarily from the following ancient Chinese teachings.


The enlightened thinking (Dao) can be misconstrued because it might deviate from conventional wisdom and is often ahead its time. Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu

We are an innovation company, which means we do things few has ever tried before - may it be technologies or service models. Along the way, our search for the enlightened “Dao”is unwavering and irrespective of what is popular at any given moment.

“Dao” calls on every member of SiBionics to contemplate their idiosyncratic values in personal and professional growth. It also asks us to collectively focus on the distinct values SiBionics can contribute to public health and society at large.


Knowledge and action complement each other. — Wang Yangming

The high integration of knowledge and action corresponds to our unique low-key, no-nonsense engineer culture. The most important self-measurement at SiBionics lies at how successful we can translate cutting edge technological advances and extensive industry insights into solid medical products and services so they can be of benefit to those in need.


With these teachings as our guiding principles, SiBionics is committed to providing truly innovative and patient-centered medical products and services, one step at a time.