Why Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

425 million DM patients worldwide

Over 212 million undiagnosed

100 million DM patients in China

Over 50 million undiagnosed

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) could first occur without much noticeable symptoms

352 million patients with impaired glucose tolerance worldwide, among which, 48.6 million are in China

Without proper and timely intervention, over 90% pre-diabetes patients will develop DM. There is no cure for DM. Pre-diabetes is the stage where effective intervention can make the biggest difference and reverse blood glucose irregularities

* Source: IDF statistics

Multi-faceted Value for CGM Data

For non DM population, CGM data can assist in blood glucose health confirmation
For pre-diabetes population, CGM data can assist in notifying glucose levels
For DM patients, CGM data can assist in chronic condition management

CGM System and Its Advantages

  • Easy to use sensor applicator Easy to use sensor applicator
  • Minimally invasive wearable sensor
  • Dedicated reader/mobile phone apps
  • 24-hour dynamic blood glucose monitoring
  • Low cost
  • No fingersticks necessary
  • User-friendly

CGM Comprehensive Solution

Cloud Platform

Acquire data and perform AI/ML enabled data analysis and mining

CGM System

User’s glucose data is collected and uploaded


Report sent to the reader/smart phone apps to assist user’s decision making

Assisted categorization



DM Patients

Endocrinology department

Direct-to-consumer platforms